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Bank: Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE55 8306 5408 0004 2116 69
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We want to create prospects: therefore we support education and healthcare for needy children so that one day they can live independently and give support back to society.

Find out more about our current and past projects.

#06 Electricity for St. John Eudes home for street children (2021)

St. John Eudes children’s home gives street children prospects to find their way back into society.  Without electricity, the children’s days at St. John Eudes end at dusk. With your donations, FABL e.V. buys and installs solar panels at St. John Eudes.


13.486 € 100%

#05 FABL for Small Ears

With professional financial and medical support, up to 80% of the children from Saint Michael’s School for the Deaf could be enabled to hear. Donate your old hearing aid and help us to make hearing-impaired children in Kenya heard.

We still collect hearing aids!

#04 FABL for Clean Hands (2021)

Not only since the Corona-pandemic hygiene is very important. We educate children in Kitui about the topic and show them how to make their own soap. You can support us with a donation!

170 € 100%

#03 Washing rooms for St. Michael's School (2020)

In schools, children live in confined spaces, which means that diseases and parasites can spread more easily. This makes the construction of new washing rooms for girls and boys all the more important. 

2.500 € 100%

#02 Book collection (2020)

Donate your English-spoken books Spende englischsprachigen Bücher, so that children in Kitui can read and learn in their free time. 

Book collection 100%

#01 Wassertanks für die St. Michael's School (2019/2020)

Wasser gehört zu den wichtigsten Grundlagen des Lebens, nicht umsonst heißt es in Afrika “Water is Life, Conserve it!”. Die St. Michael’s School hat zu wenig Speichermöglichkeiten, um ihre Schüler das ganze Jahr über ausreichend zu versorgen. Dies können wir mit dem Bau von Wassertanks ändern! 

7.220 € 100%