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St. John Eudes children’s home gives street children future prospects to find their way back into society. It offers accomodation and education for destitute children. St. John Eudes is located outside the city of Kitui, which, however, cuts it off from the central power supply. 

Without electric light, the children’s days at St. John Eudes home in Kitui end at dusk. Everyday life without electricity is often frustrating and even induces some children to leave St. John Eudes and fall back to the structures of the streets of Kitui.


With your donations, FABL e.V. buys and installs solar panels at St. John Eudes. This safe and sustainable way improves the children’s life quality at St. John Eudes greatly. It would enable them to learn, read and play, even after dusk. The project will be held with Geo Solar, a local enterprise from Nairobi.